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Economy that succeeds

We want to develop Germany as business location and secure growth and competitiveness.
Therefore, we take action in politics:


Skilled labor

We are worried about a lack of six millions skilled workers, which our labor market will face in the near future. If nothing changes, businesses will migrate and with them innovation, jobs and tax money will leave the country. We want to work against that trend by obtaining skilled labor.



We want our economy to be competitive internationally. In order to achieve that, we need innovative businesses and brave new founders. But we cannot succeed without political support: we need a state that set the right general framework. 


Family and profession

We want a working environment, which supports the family – a working environment in which we can take care of children and sick relatives. In order to achieve that goal, we a need a functioning infrastructure, as well as flexibility and trust in the working environment.


Equal chances for education

We want everyone to have access to education - no matter their social background. This goal can only be achieved with a powerful education and training system – this is what we need. 


Justice for generations

As the young German economy we want sustainability. Therefore, we advocate for a solid social security system, healthy national finances and politics that equally respect all generations.


Flexible labor market

We want fairness in society. Therefore, we need a collective agreement with simple, but strong rules - rules that do not overburden medium-sized businesses, but provide flexibility.

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