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Economy that succeeds

We want to make a difference in Germany. That is why we tackle problems with voluntary work. We strengthen Germany as business location by fostering better education, innovative entrepreneurship, solidarity and quality of life with more than 800 projects all over the country. With our projects we reach out to more than 200.000 young people and 50.000 founders of new businesses every year.


We promote innovative entrepreneurship

We are convinced that Germany needs business founders and innovative entrepreneurship. Therefore, we take action: we consult founders and successors of existing businesses, promote self-employment and award role-model businesses.


We explain the economy

In our view everyone should know how the economy works – especially young people. Therefore, we give lessons at schools, offer internships and invite young people to our businesses and give lectures. In addition, we award journalists writing about the most important part of our economy: medium-sized businesses.


We help to connect school and profession

We want everyone to find the right profession. Therefore, we support schools concerning professional guidance. We invite young people into our businesses, arrange education fairs and help to turn job interviews into job oppoertunities by offering application trainings.


We take social responsibility

We, JCI Germany see ourselves in the tradition of decent entrepreneurship. That is why we take responsibility for society. This means not only to support projects financially, but to take action ourselves, where and when needed.

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